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Logical Thinking

Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world. All knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.
Albert Einstein

Our Offerings


Using amazing features of WordPress to develop online experiences that scale with your business. We are a highly skilled team on WordPress to develop websites of varying degrees and sizes with ease while maintaining high industry standards.


Our Custom web development is based on open source technologies PHP, MySQL, etc. which are very much cost effective and easily portable. Customized solutions can be developed by focusing on unique business strategies and understanding competition.

& Creatives

Attention and keeping readers engaged with the message you want to convey is what a good design means to us. Design helps you in building brand, increasing your sales, passing your message, and building a better user experience and customer relationship.


Our team will take care of your various customizations as you required on WordPress Platform. We are able to deliver you any kind of customizations that may include changing your website design, look and feel, structure and also adding more features and functions.


We will help you in setting up and sending an email campaign that fits your business objectives perfectly. Our team of experts will design and optimize the emailer that captures the attention of your targeted audience and converts into leads.


Website Retainer is an important part of managing your website to keep it updated and relevant. Having a website that is out of date is just as bad as having no website at all. Our website retainer service provides you with easy, cost effective solutions.

Why Us

How we do it

Core Values

Our core values includes Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Quality and Problem solving. These values should always reflect our dedication in delivering quality and excellent service, building long-term relationships, and holding themselves accountable. Problem solving with a positive attitude is always important for us.


We’re a team of logical thinkers and creative designers. We are constantly improving ourselves in terms of skillset and expertise by believing in life-long learning. We are here to serve our customers with up-to-date industry standards and quality for our creatives, designing user experience, and programming. 

Customer Service

We believe in delivering relevant, personalised and contextualized experiences to our customers. Long term Customer Relationship and building trust is a top most priority of our business. Our team is dedicated to helping your business growth by providing a honest, responsive and quality customer service. 

About Us

Who we are

Vast Experience, timely Communication and highly Skillset in crafting innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction is our motto.

We are comprised of a team of designers, developers and account executives – selectively chosen to lead our clients in their design and web ventures. We believe in the fact that in a highly competitive business world, a well designed web site, creatives, and marketing campaigns can work as a strong and effective tool for your company to grow faster and with great revenues and good customer experiences. 

We believe in long term business relationship and client growth. We have well defined processes and standards to provide our customers a requirement based and cost effective solutions.

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Working with Activeminds was an awesome, efficent, and professional experience. Every question was answered quickly and with thoughtfulness. Every action was executed with investment in my site. Great work!
Liz Strauss
Founder, SOBCon