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You have heard about it quite often. You know very well about it as well. But did you know what wonders they can do to your business? Yes, I am talking about our very own Blogs! The word that’s seen almost anywhere and everywhere now, with its popularity and admiration only increasing by the minute! No matter what kind of business you are indulged in, blogs, when written well and with useful content, would definitely attract large number of visitors to your website, thus increasing your revenue.
So where and how do I start from? This is the question that many have in their minds. Some businesses might already have a blog site, but might not know how to write or what to write. As I mentioned before, it is not enough to just write blogs. It is also important to write useful and business-relevant stuff in order to attract the attention of your audience and promote sales.
Out of my experience as a content writer and an SEO professional, I have formulated certain strategies that help construct effective blogs. Following are few tips that you can follow in order to blog efficiently:

1. Identify who your business audience are and deliver content accordingly. Once the target audience for whom the blog is written, is known, you can deliver relevant content that proves useful and interesting to them

2. Design your blog appropriately. Make it simple yet appealing, so that it is pleasing to the eyes. The first impression is formed by simply looking at the blog page. So make it look neat and organized.

3. Make the blog more business specific. This makes it more powerful and effective to convey your business thoughts and ideas up to your visitors.

4. Talk out your views. Ok so you have set up a blog for your website. Next talk out all that you feel is relevant to your business. Your ideas, views and thoughts on new and existing facts applicable to your business, all can be expressed via blogs.

5. Prompt acknowledgement and reply to user comments. Acknowledge comments and suggestions that your visitors have left in your blog and reply to them promptly. This gives them the feeling of importance and makes them comfortable in your website. Well, I practice the following:

• I have a folder in my email, with the question and comments received and the response that I have sent.
• Ones that are replied are in a folder, and the ones pending are in another. So no chance of letting any comment unnoticed!

6. Get, Set, Blogroll!! Blogrolling is a very useful method to get more traffic to your website, from other popular or similar blog sites, that are related to your business. You can write comments in blogs that relate to your kind of business and link it to your website.

7. Search engine friendly keywords. Include keyword phrases in your blogs that match your business. Choose phrases that your audience is highly probable to use in search engines, so that your blog lists among the first few results, thereby increasing relevant visitors.

8. Think fresh write fresh! Your visitors are expecting fresh content and not those stale and repeated ones that can be got from any other site. Think fresh and write fresh and current topics

9. Read a lot. Read many blogs and articles, related to your business. The more you read and understand others’ ideas, the more you will come across new and innovative thoughts, which ultimately benefits your blogs and thereby your business!

10. Get ideas from others. No two people have the same thinking. So the more you interact with people, the more you get ideas. I usually make a note of all ideas and views that I get, as I do not believe my remembering capacity on this!

11. Ignite interest by starting a Blog Series. This not only would be informative to the readers, but will also generate a spark of interest in their minds, and they would religiously come back to your site to read the remaining part of the blog.

12. Guest Blogger. This is more commonly used practice, but I believe this also helps to a certain extent. Getting someone who is famous among bloggers, to write a blog for your site, not only creates hype about the blog, but you can also benefit from the immense experience that the guest might have.

13. Get RSS and Bookmarking tools. Load your blogs with RSS and bookmarking options. This not only proves to be useful for your visitors, but also helps spreading the good word of your blog, among many like-minded audiences.

14. Mind your traffic! Keep a close watch on your website traffic. A fall or a rise, informs you if a particular strategy or blog of yours is a hit or a flop.

15. And finally, The 5 To-dos: I have always followed 5 steps that I consider important, while writing a blog. They are:

• Research extensively
• Compose relevantly
• Analyze perfectly
• Modify accordingly
• Promote widely
These above mentioned topics are few of the routine things that I follow. These are tried and definitely tested tips that are no rocket science, still can make a great impact on your blogging. So go ahead! Start blogging!

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