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November 11, 2017

About Us

We are specialized in providing better-quality and web standard based solutions for small to large corporate organizations.

We are comprised of a team of designers, developers and marketing executives- selectively chosen to lead our clients in their web ventures. We believe in the fact that in a highly competitive business world a well designed web site can work as a strong and effective marketing tool for your company to grow faster and with great revenues. We work in close with our clients and customers to turn their business ideas to provide an effective web based presence.

We believe in long term business relationship and client growth. We have well defined processes and standards to provide our customers a requirement based and cost effective solutions.

Our Development Approach

Analyzing / Understanding Clients Needs – In the first phase of development, we at technofacia understand our clients needs, we carefully study and analyze each need case to understand their business objectives and target audience to provide a customized solution.

Planning and Design – This phase includes the planning and designing for the web solution, by creating design prototype / mockups. Planning helps our clients and developers here to possess a clear understanding of the scope of the project. What features and functionalities should the final solution will have. Design prototype usually reflects color themes, typography, site structure and navigation. It helps our customers to see, how their website will look like and to avoid any reworking and communication gaps.

Programming and Development – Most appropriate technologies and standards will be used to build up the web solutions fro our customers for building up their online shop, a content driven business portal, corporate portfolio, social networking or a personal blog website. We use open source technologies like PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, and all well accepted web standards.

Testing and Revisions – We do all quality testing and web feature assessment before making the website LIVE. We do test drive website on all required platforms, and the environment, and hands on. In this phase, all required changes which are not as per the project scope are being done before making the site Live.

Publishing / Launching – Once we are through with Test drive and feels it as what is required and accepted by our clients, we made it published (by transferring it to live web server) for world wide users to view and access it online.

Basic Search engine Optimization (SEO) – It is very much essential for our customers to be get know about by their target audiences. In this optional phase, we submit the website to major search engines and do basic Meta tag integration, so to target exact type of customers and geography.

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